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We believe that helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.

Here at Miami Botany with nearly 300 acres that are designated for US grown kratom Trees, and over a decade of growing, and studying kratom we are currently the largest and oldest kratom farm in the U.S. with unique and sought after genetics from across SE Asia, and 15K Sq Ft of greenhouse space we are on pace to bring kratom farming to an array of interested farmers as Joint venture opportunities available to any farmer.

We work alongside with our business partners, including our expert agricultural team with a combined experience of 20+ years in this industry, working with and among kratom developing new techniques from growing to harvesting and drying Kratom.

We provide opportunities for joint ventures with farmers near and far, to join our team of agriculture professionals, and transform their farms into prospering, successful kratom farms with guidance from the top professionals in the industry.

“Kratom Farming isn’t just a job it’s a way of life.”

Apart from being the largest kratom farm with US grown trees in the U.S. Miami botany has become a well known name in the Kratom industry from our growing techniques, knowledge and our availability of our distinctive kratom tree varieties.

Kratom is not just a business to us, it’s a lifestyle, we live and learn everyday the newly discovered benefits of kratom as well as making new discoveries of different characteristics and alkaloid production with our Kratom trees by testing constantly, evaluating and recording what makes our trees do well in all types of climates. We advance every year in new techniques growing this magnificent plant right here in the United States! Which is shared within our tight group of professionals.

We strive every day to spread our knowledge and help others discover healthy alternatives, as well as prosper within the kratom industry. With our team of agriculture experts we can help you achieve that. by working along side you, also giving you the right tools needed to prosper with your farm, we set you up for success with daily updates and 24/7 communication with our leading professionals in the industry.

Here on our farm it starts with our soil, we enrich our soil by enhancing the soils diversity and nutrient rich components, we work with our natural environmental factors in addition to building our soils healthy bacteria community to grow our trees. We start by identifying our soils macroaggregates, as well as present nutrients within our soil by testing our soil with our P.H.D tech from here we are able to add our soil amendments such as organic matter, beneficial microbes, increase or decrease our soils PH if needed this will increase or maintain our soils stability, and biochemical processes. We also plant Cover crops these plants provide a living cover on the landscape. Numerous studies have shown these plants can help protect soil and water quality, reduce chemical input costs, improve farm resiliency, boost yields, increase forage availability and improve wildlife habitat. Along with building our soils micro organisms and maintaining our PH and other soil factors we work with local farmers to fertilize our trees when needed along with growing one of the first kratom farms.

we are also giving back to our community by providing business to our local farmers by giving them a chance to transform their current farm to a thriving Gree Tea Farm!


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