Kratom Plants grown in the US

Growing Kratom Trees in The U.S.

Welcome to our website once again, we appreciate you stopping by to take a look at our company, and amazing trees we grow. All trees are grown 100% in Florida from little kratom seedlings to large bountiful Kratom Trees.

Every tree grown on site is hand fed from small seedlings until put into the ground, at that point  mother nature contributes to the growth process of each tree.

Here are some questions we have received.

Is it possible to grow in my climate? 

It can be depending on your plant hardiness zone, what is a plant hardiness zone? I will attach a link to the USDA AG website to figure out which zone you are in

We are in central Florida and our climate is ideal for the Kratom trees in ground, and in the greenhouse. Any time of year requires specific practices and care techniques to achieve the results of a healthy Kratom Tree, so it’s important to understand Kratom is a subtropical plant. In order to grow a healthy plant it may take some environmental influences to achieve the result you want. Example being if you live near Zones 6a-6b going north you may have to grow it in a large pot in a greenhouse, but it is possible with the right lighting, and humidity which is highly important.

Will you be selling Kratom trees soon?

Yes but at the moment we are focused on growing our farm and expanding so when that information becomes available everyone who is subscribed will be the first to know. If you would like to be part of that go to create account and login.

Germinating from seeds is it possible?

It is possible to grow from seeds they must be viable, and as fresh as possible now we are experienced enough to know how to work with fresh and older seeds, It’s also important to know if the pod has been fertilized which will give you viable seeds. Any unpollinated pod will have seeds but your luck of growing them is slim to none. Kratom seeds with the right conditions such as soil choice, humidity, and important lighting! Like any plant even as tiny seedlings they require light and adequate watering but, as I mentioned before you must do your best in your climate to replicate a subtropical environment for your seedlings or Kratom plants.

How tall can a Kratom tree grow?

20+ Feet We have some trees that are many years old we occasionally do some pruning but usually let it be to grow as nature intended we call her our mother tree.

It’s important to know if your growing a tree to have the correct amount of space if growing outside in an ideal Zone, or in a pot in a greenhouse. Each growing practice require special lighting and watering methods as well as fertilizer.

If you have any more questions regarding growing Kratom trees just leave a comment and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Thank you

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