1. James B says:

    Thanks for the info on Reddit. I am looking forward to your retail site opening. The farm looks really amazing

  2. Becky Jamin says:

    This is so awesome!

  3. Alexander Rutenbeck says:

    Way cool!

  4. Permo Kratom

    I am a kratom farmer in Kapuas Hulu, and also an Agrotechnology Agriculture graduate. I was surprised to see that growing kratom in America is also very good. Hopefully we can share tips with each other

  5. Daniel Dodson

    Are you taking orders? Did I miss something? Interested in your product and project! TYIA! Beautiful trees btw!

  6. Michael Sparks

    Much like the sentiment already expressed, I too look forward to the time we are able to order from you retail. I appreciate the straightforward information, and how you’ll be adding to the knowledge base as time goes by.


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